Lately, the listing of the entire media group headed by Facebook had an incredible surge, but this can have unpleasant repercussions not only on those people who invest in this company but also on all those who are regularly registered

How many profiles of real people are there really on Facebook? No one can give certainty to this question because the same company will never provide the exact figures as a correct verification would negatively affect the listing on the stock exchange and this creates Pandora’s box over time.

If a company declares that it registers new users every year, it becomes obvious that brokers on the stock exchange raise the price for every single share owned, but if any institution inspects the users, what would happen if it found that a good part of them are fake?

It doesn’t take long to check, just going to a random profile page, even better if you look for one that represents a political party, well, in this case, we notice a huge number of trolls, that is, of those people who hide in fake profiles and who in this way offend or spread news without any real feedback, the so-called fake news.

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