For some dishonest entrepreneurs, tips left by customers belong unconditionally and exclusively to themselves, not caring about their workers’ rights who are more often than not underpaid, this is not because there is an economic crisis, on the contrary, they use this trick to commit crimes at the expense of the employees.

Yes, because in Italy, entrepreneurs have been living for decades making the excuse of an infinite crisis to their workers at the time of payment; incredibly, that ends when they have to work extra hours unpaid. If there is indeed a crisis, why do they need to work harder? because if there are a few customers,  work should be less and not more, however, this is part of their deceptive tactic, which is not so deceptive in the end, because they can make fun of fools like themselves, but a worker humbly accepts this situation for a matter of necessity.

Now let’s see what happens in the rest of Europe where the crisis has not existed for decades, how do we explain the fact that if someone works under an Italian, the working conditions do not change?

There have been cases in which some Italian ice cream shops located in Germany even committed a crime by forcing their employees to sign a contract that specified that the tips received from customers belonged to the owners.

This situation does not change, either in Italy or abroad, these criminal entrepreneurs do not cease their atrocities for their economic interests.

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