The mistreatment of animals is the first step toward the escalation of violence and human crimes.

International studies have shown through searches in the databases of the various police departments of the world, that all the most ferocious offenders from an early age have had sadistic experiences towards animals.

Physical cruelty to animals is among the symptoms of “conduct disorder”, considered an antisocial disturbance because all violence against animals constitutes evidence by the perpetrator of future human victims.

The studies made prove that the psychological behaviors of dementia connected to this profile can be seen in subjects with a strong tendency to criminal acts such as stalkers, violent partners, paedophiles, Satanists, rapists and finally serial killers.

The criminal anthrozoology profile of the abuser and killer of animals can be a helpful factor for the police forces, especially for the predictive aspects of the future criminal actions of the dangerous subjects examined.

To get an idea of the importance of the issue, just think that the F.B.I has created a special section of analysts who identify a link between sadistic behavior and episodes of social deviance and crime, elevating the mistreatment of animals from a simple indicator of danger to Top Crime.

This is why having such a database in every nation could redefine subjects with deviant behavior with control tools and extremely serious criminal acts could be prevented.

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