All large companies circumvent labor rights through an incredibly legal tool, workers’ cooperatives, which are not a union of single workers who try to provide a service to companies, but are real companies in the hands of private entrepreneurs who have very little of a cooperative.

Over the years, this has become a new tool to get modern slaves, if perhaps the good intention was to provide a necessary service, now it’s normally used at the expense of the labor market, the real one, the healthy one.

The purpose should be to use these cooperatives only in case of need when a company needs them, for limited use of working time, instead what happens is that the company only hires several people, the most suitable ones, those who are more necessary, especially for their professional profile and then for the rest it limits itself to using cooperatives, saving money in this way because they are external workers, therefore saves on the cost of salaries and above all, dismissal is really easy precisely because they are part-time workers.

Part-time? is not the truth, they work like the rest of the company contract employees doing full hours.

And where are the various syndicates? they should barricade these forms of legalized harmful actions to the detriment of poor workers who no longer have certainty of having a safe job that allows them to settle down so they don’t have to worry about the maintenance of their families.

It is good for workers to wake up and also notice those fake angels who support them in negotiations with large companies and multinationals, who perhaps make disgusted faces on TV but bow down in private.

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