There are categories of people who unfortunately take advantage of the desperation of others such as the people who flee the misery of their country in search of a better life.

The biggest problem is that in these categories of nasty people, which is a hard word but there is no different definition to describe these people who indulge in the repugnant desire to take advantage of the needs of others, there are subjects that mask their true hateful nature and shield themselves with a veiled sense of goodness which instead hides the intention to exploit only and solely for an economic or reputation gain.

Which are these categories:

  • Of course, the criminal organizations that exploit these people who are left in disarray most of the time by the states that welcome them and are used for criminal activities such as drug dealing or exploitation for prostitution.
  • Large and medium-sized companies which have figured out how to have a negligible labour cost by taking advantage of these people.
  • finally, political parties that pass as human defenders but who only need free votes.
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