There are areas of the earth where the presence of U.A.P. are constantly registered and this raises many military concerns.

As for the Bermuda Triangle, it seems that certain phenomena still unexplained for the moment, are concentrated or that they particularly prefer certain portions of the earth and one of these is located in the Pacific Ocean between Hawaii and California, from the Channel Islands to the island of Guadalupe.

During the Second World War, it was registered the famous sighting on the coasts of Los Angeles which was thought to be an attack by the Japanese and then it was revealed to be an unfounded attack which over time has given rise to more sightings of U.F.O. exchanged for planes of the Rising Sun.

Catalina Island in front of Los Angeles also has several testimonies of people observing strange lights and oddly shaped objects.

The strangest events, however, occurred in the last decade when several units of the US navy were followed by flying objects and that after incredible flight maneuvers, submerged themselves in the ocean and disappeared.

However, the most absurd and truly worrying event happened at the USS OMAHA, when it happened to sail off the coast of California, on the radar appeared simultaneously as many as 14 flying objects that for over an hour followed and surrounded the naval vessel.

It is not clear why in this particular area and especially in the open sea there is such a strong concentration of unknown aircraft, it is also for this reason that the Department of the Navy, under the supervision of the Undersecretary of Defense for the Intelligence and Security office, will lead the Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force (Uaptf). The mission: “Detect, analyze and catalog UAPs that could potentially pose a threat to the national security of the United States”, reads the note released on August 14th. “The Department of Defense and military departments take any incursion of unauthorized aircraft into our training camps or airspace very seriously. We will review each report.”

Certainly, the fact of following and surrounding a warship is something that causes concern, remember that these aircraft are not seen with the naked eye but are tracked by the latest generation radar or infrared optical systems, it is true that the events that took place at the USS Omaha have occurred at night, but even if it had been during the day, it would have been impossible to see them without the aid of sophisticated tools such as military ones, this implies that these objects have a concealment capacity only from human sight but cannot perform total invisibility without being picked up by radars, therefore, the question is, are they of alien nature or are they drones of some foreign power? the problem with the hypothesis of enemy drones lies in the speed of movement and time spent in flight, capabilities that current military drones do not have.

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