Submarine communication cables play a fundamental role at a strategic level for any nation as an infinite number of services and information vital for any user, company, institution or military structure pass through them.

But they have a very worrying weakness, since they extend for miles into the depths of seas and oceans, making them extremely vulnerable to possible cyber-attacks or even sabotage by spy ships.

One of these spy ships is deeply worrying various countries’ Navy such as that of Ireland, the United Kingdom, France and at the moment that of Belgium and the Netherlands.

The ship in question is the Yantar, the famous spy ship of the Russian fleet, containing equipment for electronic warfare, radar and sonar for the detection of military units and finally instruments for communication detection including the submarine one. Among its other available means, a small submarine stands out which, if necessary, can be used to connect to the cables and steal data or even can be used to cut them causing invaluable damage.

Departed from the base of Olenya Guba, its presence was reported days before on the Irish coasts and finally entering the English Channel, at this moment it is found on the coasts of Belgium where it is continuously monitored by the Otan military.

These are small tests by the Russian government to stress its competitors and get noticed, showing that its navy can still be annoying, but those are provoking attitudes that can last as long as the Russian people decide to send home the current Oligarchs that manage in a private manner the affairs of this great nation.

Waiting for the day when Russia will be an active member of the European Union, we have to, unfortunately, live with this aggressive and destructive policy against the major Western countries, a policy that has only one purpose, that of keeping internal malpractice away from Russian public opinion.

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