The President George H. W. Bush was right when he declared that the war on drugs was necessary to end the destructive action of drug consumption.

The problem is that they have focused mostly on Mexico and Colombia due to the spread of cocaine, but the drug that most of all kills victims is and remains to be heroin, a drug that happens to come precisely from those countries located in central Asia like Afghanistan.

In addition to the cases of deaths due to overdoses, this drug annihilates brain functions to such an extent that muscle movements become so inappropriate that they appear as little zombies and these consequences not only apply to older people but also to young people.

It is no coincidence that a street in Philadelphia is nicknamed ZOMBILAND.

If you come across Kensington Avenue you will be able to witness gruesome scenes of poor people who are now prisoners of the addiction that this drug causes and who will hardly be able to regain possession of their lives. All these souls lost due to this deadly drug are left to their fate and unfortunately, the truth is that it is very difficult for the institutions to manage their possible recovery, both in health and social inclusion.

The responsibility lays on the future actions to stop this type of drug in particular, that annihilates the human will of a subject who consumes it, which is heroin; so, military efforts should be concentrated more on who produces this damned drug, that is killing thousands of Americans, and stopping its deadly trafficking.

Unfortunately, the trafficking of heroin is in the hands of subjects who take orders from countries that are today’s enemies of the United States, used as another piece to cause internal problems of a social nature in American politics.

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