There is a basic problem if some cities such as Philadelphia are thriving with crime and this is because many people are living forgotten in desolated areas.

Take for example the case of South Philadelphia, to find some relaxation in a green park you have to go miles, yet, creating more green areas would be beneficial as recreation for thousands of families as well as contribute to healthy well-being for the whole community.

Through green areas, the city supplies itself with an essential element for life, oxygen, in addition to it that having multiple green areas distributed around the city means that the air polluted by smog, caused by millions of cars, is cleaned up.

Is it a rule that all the main activities of the city must necessarily be carried out in the centre? This caveman mentality damages the evolutionary progress of the city itself.

Now let’s focus on the city’s centre and precisely on the City Hall surrounded by sterile buildings used as classic offices, is it right that a historic building is hidden by these skyscrapers that cover Mister Penn? and wouldn’t it be more appropriate to have a large park around that would make stand out the historical importance of the City Hall?

Why do these skyscrapers have to modify the view of certain historical monuments both of the city and of the nation itself with their presence?

Of course, no one dares to move their offices to South Philadelphia because they obviously don’t like it, but if it’s followed the example of cities like London, where marginalized areas have become modern, productive areas, including the pleasant construction of apartment buildings with a new conception, everything would change also in Philadelphia.

First, there would be less crime which is one of the biggest problems the city is facing, second, there would be more work, third, better city vitality, which translates into climbing the world ranking as a place where people would like to live.

Certainly, for the moment these are only utopias, but everything can change and we must remember that there is something revolutionary about Philadelphia that makes it possible to change things.

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