In Italy they have reached the limit of shame, they have even come to affirm that the extremists in Afghanistan are not terrorists, saying this on the day of the twenty years commemoration of the September 11th massacre, erasing the memory of those who lost their lives on that day and of those who still mourn their loved ones today.

These are statements made by Italian politicians, those who call themselves allies, but as always, they play a double game, indeed, they not only support Chinese politics and it could be acceptable with a certain limit as China is a sovereign country even if there is a dictatorship, but to even defend murderers is too much.

In the first days of the establishment of the extremists, some politicians in Italy had already expressed the need to dialogue with them in terms of power, these words are so foolish that it makes it hard to understand how certain people were in power positions in a historic nation like Italy and continue to condition it even if they’re not in the Government but through secret meetings that distinguish the filth of Italic power to the detriment of honest citizens.

However, we are talking about people with a dark past behind them.

In Rome, it almost seems that the garbage that you see on its streets has arrived in the political buildings, but this is also a problem of journalism in Italy, very often biased in favour of a political fringe because if this was not the case, certain people would not be allowed to give their shameful opinion, perhaps this is why Italy occupies truly alarming places in the ranking of press freedom.

The worst thing, however, is to become accomplices by defending murderers because who defends a murderer is his accomplice and that’s it.

It’s not possible to dialogue with those who kill women and children, there is no dialogue with those who kill LGBT people, there is no dialogue with those who segregate women, no dialogue with those who destroy artistic monuments, no dialogue with those who kill animals and no dialogue with those who destroy nature.

To say that they are not terrorists is a selfish and foolish opinion, is to affirm a falsehood because that’s what they really are.

It cannot be hidden that in the extremist government there are people wanted by the FBI, wanted precisely for the September 11th attacks and these comments are nothing but infamy, infamy against all Americans and we hope that in Washington they can consider taking action regarding these unwanted people and that at least no longer let them enter American soil.

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