Citizens of Philadelphia,

We take great pleasure in warmly welcoming you to The Philadelphia Times Journal.

In this publication which will become the newspaper of the city, we will deal with news with impartiality and objectivity, especially telling those inconvenient truths that many would like to hide and find annoying.

This newspaper is apolitical and is good for the whole community because biased media is not a reliable source.

Independence helps to preserve the freedom to inform any citizen of Philadelphia with news that is not the brainchild of some lobby that seeks to influence public opinion as it pleases and for its private interests.

It is with these principles of ethics and morality that we present ourselves.

We will not hide injustices and indeed this newspaper will be a perfect vehicle to give everyone a voice.

Our editorial formula is based on brief news as summarizing the news means that you have time to read more and accumulate information that is always useful in everyday life.

The Philadelphia Times is part of the Broadcastime media group.

All the most important news from this newspaper and the other international newspapers of the group can be found on multiplatform

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