It is incredible to say it, but it is the reality, the United States has now lost its leadership in geopolitics.

Unfortunately, the Red Dragon is making its way but it is not a real Dragon, sincere and honest, no, it is just a monstrous and perfidious snake and as such it moves in the wrong way to the detriment of the progress of civilization.

Like all totalitarian regimes, they also use cunning methods to gain leadership power.

What happened in Afghanistan for example by supporting an extremist regime is only one of the latest episodes and on that note let’s remember that China was accused of paying terrorists to kill American soldiers stationed in Kabul.

They are playing Risk by occupying the poorest countries to use them as pawns and future outposts, doing so through funding grants knowing that poor countries will never be able to repay their debt and so in turn they will be forced to accept Beijing’s requests that will turn into a real military and political occupation.

This is what has been happening for a decade with African and Asian countries and now they are pushing more and more towards Europe where they can already count on Russia’s support but also on other European governments which are a little too compliant towards China and this is very suspicious because some of these European countries have a reputation for having extremely corrupt politicians, therefore, it is necessary to closely monitor the views of individual politicians and analyze their attitudes to verify whether they speak their own opinion or that of Beijing due to handshakes made in private.

In addition to the rise of extremism and totalitarianism in countries from Africa and Asia, there is the danger of South America where some Communist-style countries have changed into corrupt regimes and to be protected against possible repercussions from both the United States and Europe they have asked for help from Beijing. which immediately took up the defence of these trashy regimes and it could only be so because every regime defends its equal.

But let’s see what could also happen with the UN decisions that many in Washington have not considered, if China made too many friends with various countries, it would put pressure on them to block any proposal that came from the United States therefore this would be a serious problem because many of these proposals concern civil rights and as we know regimes hate civil rights, it would be like going back to the Middle Ages.

The United States must change direction as soon as possible before it is too late, they should put pressure on its European allies to end this parsimony of benevolence and treat the regimes for what they are, ANTILIBERAL.

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