It is humiliating that precisely in the face of the 20th anniversary of the September 11th attacks, extremists who were part of that group of terrorists who attacked the soil of the United States of America have returned to power.

The exit from Afghanistan or it would be better to say the escape from Afghanistan was not a very right gesture, wise perhaps yes, but only to have seriously started a real phase of modernization of the country, ousting and isolating those extremist minds from the rest of the Afghan civilian community and helping that side that fought the fundamentalists with appropriate means.

Instead, the result is a real disaster on the security of all Western countries and not only of the United States but also of European ones.

Of course, behind the extremists, there are foreign powers that have become the antagonists and adversaries of the future that use all the most despicable means to obstruct American foreign policy, but there are also Western countries that claim to be allies of the US, yet, they have an ambiguous policy and this must stop because double agents are the traitors of the future.

There have been European politicians, especially Italians, who have even shown almost complacency that a nation has become a state without any freedom, incredibly willing to dialogue with those who have killed thousands of Americans, a real shame that we hope in the upper echelons of Washington they will take adequate measures against nefarious politicians by forcing the various National Governments to make an obligatory choice either in favour of or against the USA.



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