In many Italian restaurants abroad, especially in Germany and France, customers have a unique acidity, but is it the fault of the foreigner who finds contempt for Italians or does the fault lies in the management of the restaurants themselves?

The fault lies solely with the owners of these Italian restaurants and the reasons are many.

The first flaw is found in the menu which in most cases is shameful, it is an endless list of courses that sometimes reach 120/130 dishes, an incredible madness, in addition to the danger that these menus can bring to the health of customers.

Yes, because a restaurant cannot afford to provide a wide list of dishes which are sometimes complicated even in preparation, this greatly increases the waiting time, especially if there is only one chef in the kitchen.

Just think for a moment of a poor cook who has to prepare food for a table of eight people that have chosen a different dish each and he has to do the work alone because the owner decided to buy the new SUV for his mistress by saving money hiring fewer employees, so this cook must work as fast as possible because the restaurant is full of tables like this.

 Now let’s talk about the quality of the ingredients, either they are frozen, or they are of third or fourth quality level to the detriment of the flavor and in many cases, if you are unable to dispose of the fridge quickly some ingredients inevitably go bad, the problem is that these are not thrown away, but rather, recycled, for example, the meat for steak that has turned black is reused in the Bolognese that foreigners love so much but it is done with the waste to be eliminated because Italians have the vice of cheating that they expatriated with them and this involves above all, a health risk because customers can be infected with some bacteria that can also cause serious damage to health.

If the customer feels that the ingredients are tasteless and complains, it’s rather normal because the quality of the food is also based on what you spend, you cannot expect that with 10 euros you can taste a lobster, it is idiotic just to think about it because the common saying says how you spend you eat and that’s right.

The other big problem that a cook, unfortunately, has to manage in the kitchen is often inadequate tools but in many cases, those are non-existent therefore they work with dilapidated equipment, for example, an old knife that no longer has a thread, the dishwasher that washes halfway or the kitchen stove where instead of six burners working only four of them work, all this means that in a full restaurant, the waiting time becomes excessively long and this makes customers lose patience many times causing the discontent of customers.

Having a normal menu of few courses, personnel adequate to the capacity of the restaurant and suitable equipment reflects on how the food comes out with good quality, on time and everyone is happy, but Italian greed has no boundaries or restraints and the years can pass but they always remain the same.

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