“In the world, there is enough for man’s needs, but not for his greed”, Gandhi once said and he was right; not even success satisfies being stingy, it’s like a disease, the more money you have, the more you want and it doesn’t matter if you commit acts that are not only impure they are really disgusting.

Avarice is the enemy of progress, morality, ethics and civilization, this is continually demonstrated by the daily reports that if it were just a matter of stealing money, perhaps could be bearable but when certain boundaries of incivility are crossed, then things change and we must take serious measures against this people; let’s face it’s no longer possible to ignore that they hide behind their mask of respectability, their stupid excuses are all falsehoods when they are discovered and a good weapon against them would be the boycott of their products and bring them back down to earth.

A few days ago the news said that a famous cheese consortium was accused of abuse against animals to produce the milk needed for their famous cheese exported all over the world, and coincidentally they came out with the usual excuse, we have nothing to do with it, it was one of our suppliers, we are innocent.

Innocent? No, they are not innocent, they are accomplices if not even the instigators of the method implemented, these demons for the greed of money sell their very souls if they ever had it in their shameful existence.

However, it is the very same idiotic excuse that other big international brands, not only Italian but also foreign, have reported and coincidentally the words are the same, as a script at that moment when they are implementing a play, and who falls for it defends them but does not know that in that instant they are defending the devil.

We recall two cases, one that happened in Bangladesh, a very poor Asian nation where successful rich Italians had decided to decolonize their textile industries in Italy spitting on the plate where they ate for years because they have been successful thanks to the fact that their garments were made in Italy and this more than anything else made their glory, however, one of these textile workshops, where they were supplied, collapsed, killing hundreds of people as the conditions of the building were more than precarious, not to mention human and working conditions were awfully similar to Auschwitz.

The other case happened in China, where an American company famous for its cool phones, entrusted the construction of the devices to a third-party company, where suicides are the order of the day due to the lacking human and working conditions for which they also took their cue from the Nazis.

In these two cases, there was a twinning of unique phrases, we have nothing to do with it, we are innocent, we are sorry for what happened.

All falsehoods they always know everything that happens, only that it is very convenient to be inhumane because in this way their earnings grow out of all proportion.

How do you end up with these lousy humans? Boycott of their products leads them to bankruptcy, to strike at what hurts them most: money, because even their own family is not more important to them than money.

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