Not all that glitters is gold and in the case of Tesla, the manufacturer of the most popular electric cars at the moment, the phrase suits perfectly, why?

Tesla Inc. wanted to build one of its GigaFactories in Europe and chose Germany as a destination, also to rival the country’s historic houses, nothing strange there, indeed excellent for creating thousands of jobs, but for a company that calls itself a technological factory that helps the environment or at least this is the message that the company professes, it becomes a pure illusion when we notice the real attitude that is offered by them.

A destructive attitude toward the environment, is incredibly true, seeing what they are doing against a centuries-old forest near Berlin, destroying an uncontaminated habitat where poor animals and amazing trees are sacrificed for the God of Money.

A truly shameful choice by the authorities who have given permission to destroy several hectares of a wonderful forest, not to mention the various environmental and animal associations that have done little or nothing to counter this reckless choice.

The disconcerting thing is that in the vicinity of Berlin there are various military settlements that have been abandoned for some time and that could be converted into spaces for the construction of this gigantic factory but in order not to redevelop land used as military bases, they preferred to cut thousands of ancient trees only because it is much easier to cut trees and kill animals, simply because it costs a lot less.

It is said that the German people are rather sensitive on the environmental level, but they preferred to remain silent when this was precisely the time to block an unnecessarily destructive project.

In the last decade in the German house, controversial episodes have occurred very frequently and have nothing to do with the Germanic protective spirit, it almost seems that there is a hand that secretly undermines the cultural and economic foundations of one of the most important European nations.

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