There are various reasons why, outside the national borders, Italian cuisine can be defined as a bad copy, all of these reasons are at the expense of the true Italian tradition.

You can often find dishes made with ingredients that are the opposite of the right ones on the menus of foreign restaurants that claim to be very Italian, that’s why we would like to explain what causes this.

We need to go back in time when Italian immigration crossed national borders and arrived in countries that were scarce as a gastronomic culture and many fellow villagers called themselves chefs with no experience in cooking but who despite their inexperience, made recipes that resembled those remembered when their grandmother or mother cooked for them, but despite this, let’s call it a handicap, they were successful since in those countries where they had arrived there was an absolute culinary ignorance and found themselves with tasty dishes, for the accustomed foreign palate to less delicious foods it was synonymous with goodness.

Now, for example, we find tourists who come to Italy and sprinkle a delicious pizza with ketchup, the fault is not theirs but precisely because they are used to our compatriots abroad using ketchup instead of tomato sauce, in part to save money and in part because they didn’t know how to make a real tomato sauce.

Then there are also foreigners who have learned through these restaurants, let’s call them Italian, and who have set up on their own after a decade of experience as a dishwasher who stealing those experiences they had from false chefs, they think that they also know how to make Italian cuisine and sometimes they even give advice on how certain dishes are cooked.

Finally, there are also people who hate a certain foreign gastronomic autonomy and also want their part in the destruction of our culinary tradition and for example, as happens in Germany, everything is based on cream because they like cream and then we find ourselves a classic spaghetti with clams stuffed with cream and the best of edible junk is ready.

You need to have a basis for every type of job, you cannot undertake a job in a bad way, without experience you only do damage, for this reason in a real curriculum of a cook you can evaluate the restaurants in which they have worked but if in a restaurant as a chef we find a guy who the day before was fixing engines or sweeping the stairs, we can only find soups for lunch and dinner with the risk of getting some food poisoning.


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