It will be one of the new emerging economic markets together with the cultured meat that everyone is waiting to commercialize, but the long-awaited autonomous driving will still have a long gestation.

There is only one problem: road safety, not so much as regards the normal motorway route where the latest advances in ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems), i.e. driver assistance systems, have made enormous progress, but above all for pedestrian safety, where the detection systems still have a lot of difficulty in recognizing a pedestrian from a car, this more than anything else concerns the alertness that the detection systems are equipped with due to the fact that a human or an animal does not follow a line well defined and can change trajectory at any time.

Until now, the radar systems with which the autonomous driving prototypes are equipped to detect objects but the electronic brain that has to perform the calculations has a technological flaw, so to speak: they follow the identified objects on predetermined paths and do not have the ability to capture an object. which deviates the direction of travel asymmetrically. continuously and quickly, the system goes haywire and it is for this reason that for now the permit to drive with autonomous driving is issued on a few authorized roads where there are no pedestrians who can hinder the way to the vehicle equipped with these autonomous systems.

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