Below is the translation of the video sent to Elon Musk by the secret collective Anonymous and that many Italian newspapers have given little follow-up, as usual when talking about people with a certain power, Italian journalists close their eyes, it may also be for this reason that Italy finds itself in a truly depressing international ranking on press freedom.

 Citizens of the world!

This is a message from Anonymous to Elon Musk.

In the last few years, you enjoyed one of the most favorable reputations of anyone in the billionaire class, because you took advantage of the desire many of us have to live in a world with electric cars and space exploration, but recently your carefully crafted public image has been on display and people are starting to see you as another wealthy narcissist who is desperate for attention, it seems your quest to save the world is more rooted in a superiority complex and a savior complex than a real concern for humanity, this has been obvious to your longtime employees who have faced intolerable conditions under your command for many years.

This is something evident to the children you have working in the lithium mines overseas which are also destroying the environment, you have found a way to organize coups to be able to place dictators in the places where your toxic products are mined.

You even prematurely proclaimed yourself “Emperor of Mars,” a place where you will send people to die.

Your Fanboys overlook these issues because they are focused on the potential good your projects can bring to the world, but you are not the only show in town and the competition grows intensely with each passing day, there are many other companies working in exploration of space and in electric vehicles.

You’re the only CEO who has earned a cult following by bullshitting and trolling the world on social media.

In fact, right now many people are learning that the vast majority of Tesla’s revenue doesn’t really come from selling vehicles, but comes from government subsidies that sell carbon tax credits for clean energy innovation.

However, technically this is not your innovation, as you are not actually the founder of Tesla, you simply bought the company from two people much smarter than you, Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning.

Tesla has also made more money with Bitcoin in a few months than by selling cars in years, it is also very likely that this bitcoin was bought with the money from these government subsidies.

It is now believed that you have been forced to declare your company’s involvement with bitcoin to keep that green government money flowing into Tesla’s coffers.

The topic of using energy for proof of cryptocurrency mining work is a very nuanced conversation that requires a fairly complex understanding of how power grids work and how power companies waste excess energy and sought-after cryptocurrency miners.

This is a conversation you have had for over a year and we are looking forward to it.

But as soon as your main sources of income were threatened, you pretended to be in the dark in an attempt to play on both sides of the fence.

Later, your move to create a bitcoin mining board was seen as an attempt to centralize the industry and bring it under your control.

Reading your Twitter comments, it seems the games you chose with cryptocurrency miners have destroyed lives, millions of retail investors were actually counting on their cryptocurrency earnings to improve their lives.

This is something you will never understand because you were born into the wealth that was stolen from a South African, mining apartheid emeralds and you have no idea what the struggle is like for most workers in the world.

They obviously took a risk by investing themselves

Everyone knows this and was prepared for cryptocurrency volatility, but your tweets this week show a clear disdain for average workers and while workers have their dreams blown away by your public whims, you keep mocking them with memes from your million dollar villas

You may think you are the smartest person in the room, but now you have met your peer.


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