The Americans often suggest that they are a modern continuation of the politics of ancient Rome, which in truth both are ideologically light-years away.

A common person might say that just as Rome used the military for its own purposes in ancient times, Washington does the same in modern times, but it is completely wrong.

Rome used an army for its conquests, but note that at that time the conquered peoples for the most part still lived in huts and the law of the strongest ruled among the tribes near and far.

Rome made wars, but once they conquered a new land they gave almost full autonomy and religious freedom in addition to the absence of any kind of racism or discrimination for foreigners. They brought several advantages to the conquered lands, such as civilization, well-being through a legal system that is still used today, roads, aqueducts, cities made of stone and wood, public order and military defence against those populations that previously dominated that territory to the detriment of the weakest and the examples can continue indefinitely.

Clearly today, especially in Italy, ancient Roman culture is considered with contempt, but this is part of the ignorance of some who find it easier to discriminate than to read a book, even if it is true that the Roman armies have made many victims but also, on the other hand, those victims were not angels and the Roman super army had very strict conduct to follow before attacking.

Now, if we take a look at the behaviour of the United States Army or American politics, things are different, perhaps in many wars, they intervened to free people from dictators but in some cases, it seemed that the real purpose was solely economic, however, in both cases, there has not been a contribution to the progressing of civilization made by the Americans and many poor countries with such crumbling infrastructures have remained in the same state of decay, this has influenced a lot the civil population’s perception who undoubtedly saw their presence as a military invasion and not as liberators and peacemakers.

In essence, these two types of politics are distant and different from each other, moreover, we can say that the greatness of Rome can not be matched by anyone.

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