The times of tangentopoli are over but the corruption has not been smoothed out indeed it has multiplied and is done almost openly without fear of prison because even if those who commit murder in Italy, after about ten years they are out again if they are unlucky otherwise they are free much earlier, let alone for those who steal the state and, to be clear, those who steal from the state are not so different from a murderer only that they are veiled as the consequences of their actions, let’s say, are not seen directly but indirectly and are found in everyday life, for example with the very current vicissitudes created by this pandemic from Covid-19, which due to the lack of economic funds, the various Governments have cut health costs, causing tens or perhaps thousands of deaths due to the lack of adequate care because there were not enough beds and equipment in intensive care units, therefore a corrupt person is essentially a murderer if not something more, mass murderer.

Certainly, some politicians hearing these words will be scandalized, however, it must be verified if these scandalized politicians do not have something to hide as happened on the occasions of the killing of some judges that a political party was hiding behind the image of an upright defender of justice, but basically, if we look at the events with objectivity and impartiality the scenario changes and there’s the suspicion that what seemed an angel instead is the devil himself.

Everything is in making real laws against corruption and in applying them, with the certainty of punishment, without all these benefits that are granted, how can you give benefits to demons?

An aphorism by George Orwell says: “A people that elect corrupt, impostors, thieves and traitors, is not a victim is an accomplice.

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