There are at least three missing revolutions, which would have led Italy to be taken as an example of civilization in the world.

All these hypothetical revolutions could have occurred in the last few decades:

The best known is definitely Tangentopoli where thanks to the pool of clean hands the business of the old traditional parties has been opened up, where for forty years everyone ate at the expense of the state, but no one knew anything.

The second revolution was the one fought by that small handful of men of the institutions who remained loyal to the state and who fought organized crime almost abandoned by the leaders of the various governments, who in many cases were flanked by super corrupt political parties and even by the real leaders of various massacres in the peninsula which culminated with the ferocious death of judges Falcone and Borsellino together with the agents responsible for their safety, arousing revulsion throughout the nation but the politicians, always those who were the masterminds of the attacks, tried to obfuscate in every way the effectiveness of the investigation, even those politicians who defined themselves as friends of the judges and defenders of honesty took part in it, who underneath were also pleased that certain heroes no longer existed to be able to continue in their occult business, the problem was that they called themselves close friends of the victims, traitors in every way and in every sense.

Finally, that modern political phase that led to an unknown movement, thanks to a strong popular consensus to try to break down the political malfeasance made up of corruption and which after tangentopoli was thought to be extinct but instead it is more alive than ever and if before the politicians of the past at least left the crumbs in the coffers of the state now the new ones also eat the dishes leaving nothing to the people, unfortunately, their political ideas were just sweet words but nothing in concrete, created by some sharp mind, it is not known whether it’s Italian or foreign and that’s thanks to the many promises made to a tired but submissive people, depending on promises made that surely took hold like the famous edict of opening parliament like a can of tuna and clean up the corruption but in the end, they ate the tuna themselves and sold the can to their Chinese friends.

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